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Most decay in adults starts between the teeth.and gum disease is generally worse between teeth. You must have a method of cleaning these areas. Flossing or interdental “tepe” brushes are fine. Once a day please.

Reduce frequency of intake of sugary food

There is sugar in most things we eat. The teeth can handle it 3 times a day. If you snack between meals the this is what tips the teeth over the edge. In between snacks should be fruit, low sugar foods or savoury type foods

Fluoride toothpaste and applications

Fluoride toothpaste reduces tooth decay. This is now well proven. I do not personally  believe the various scare stories circulating that fluoride is detrimental to health. My(Alan Parsonage) children use(d) fluoride toothpaste.

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Prevention at PrentonDental

With the permission of the parents all children will receive topical fluoride applications (duraphat) on their permanent teeth during their maturation process. (Generally 6-12 years old)

Duraphat varnish

Is the material of choice we use at PrentonDental for fluoride application

If any child is very decay prone then we may prescribe this to be used as normal toothpaste as we already do for some adults

Dental Health message

There are two reasons why dental health deteriorates

  1. Is not looking after your teeth well enough
  2. Is not looking after your teeth well enough!!!

This is our message, please just look after you teeth by following the 4 instructions below

Please clean your teeth

You should brush your teeth twice a day (three times if you suffer with gum disease)and you should take more than 2 minutes to do it.

Clean between your teeth

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