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Each room has it’s own endodontic modules with files and reamers and gp pionts of all sizes and lengths

Well stocked endo modules

Prentondental has a system b and obtura II root canal system available to the FD

System b & obtura 2rct systems

Roatary endo machines are pesent in each surgery

Rotary Endo

All BDJs and Dental Update magazines are availble aong with large number of reference books

Well stocked reference library

Prentondental-Enjoy Foundational  Dentist year in a happy relaxed atmosphere

My Ethos to Foundation Dentistry

Each surgery except the hygenist’s has a denar articultor for use when required

Denar Articulator

There are two digital x-ray machines. one on each floor  for efficiency and in case one breaks down

Digital X-rays

Even though we are classed as a “paperless” Practice we still have to maintain a filing system

Colour code filing

Best Practice in decontamination has been achieved with a state of the art decon room with 3 autoclaves and two washers disenfectors

Decontamination Room

Each surgery has a wide range of visual aids for patient education

Visual Aids

Our most recent acquisition is  a digital opg machine

Digital OPG

Each surgery has a digital camera

Digital Camera

Denture repairs and additions and Bite raisers/gum shield are available within an hour to increase efficiencies. service

Vacuum former & TRIAD VLC system

Fibre optic loupes are available in FD surgery

Fibre optic loupes  

We have  large number of handpieces available , 40 slow speed , 22 scaleers and 30 high speed turbines

Kavo handpieces

There are two elctro cautery machines at the practice

Electro cautery

All four surgeries have chairside xray machines and also a back up portable is on site as well.

Chair side X-ray machine

Ther are 4 thermafill obturators in the Practice

Thermafill obturators

A digital microscope is available in Alan Parsonage’s Surgery  1

Digital Microscope

A phantom head is atttachable to any chair in any surgery

Phantom Head

On site parking is available .

On site parking foR FD

Available at PrentonDental:

Previous Foundational Dentists at PrentonDental(*Denotes taken on as an Associate. Most FDS were taken on as associates in my early years and this is my preferred choice ( an extended training). NB.-The new contract of 2007 prevented taking on FDs as no “new” UDAs available)

Chris Iles 2016-17

Liza Rozdestvenskaja 2015-16

William Aspinall 2014-15

Nicholas Longridge 2013-14

Sarah Spiller 2012-2013

Raisa Malook 2011-12

Alan Ho 2010-2011

Richard Joyner 2009-2010

*Sion Wright 2008-2009 (replaced Anthony O Rourke 2015)

Dominic McClaughlin 2008-2009

*Gareth Sambrook 2007-8

*Anthony O’Rourke 2005-2006

*Schahid Karim 2003-2004

*Adam Noble 2000-2001

*Anthony Ayres 1997-98

Ayzaaz Akram 1996-97

                                           *denotes taken on as an associate

Hover mouse over image for Trainer Tip

Hover mouse over image for Trainer Tip

Hover mouse over image for Trainer Tip

Hover mouse over image for Trainer Tip

Hover mouse over image for Trainer Tip

I will not stand over you watching you work

I will operate an always open door policy

I will not interfere with your treatment planning

I will expect you to treat my staff with respect and courtesy

I will not make you work “my way” but will tell you why I do things my way and let you find your own way

I will expect you to care about your patients-everything else follows

I will not place too much emphasis on the dental portfolio-but it has to be done

I will provide you with high level of material, equipment and staff support

Alan parsonage Educational Supervisor