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by Senior Partner-Alan Parsonage

 We aim to incorporate all GDC guidelines into our patient care  and some additional ones also

1. Put patients interests first

2. Communicate effectively with patients

3. Obtain valid consent

4. Maintain and protect patient’s information

5. Have a clear and effective complaints procedure

6. Work with colleagues in a way that is in the patient’s best interest

7. Maintain develop and work within our professional knowledge and skills

8. Raise concerns if patients are at risk

9. Make sure my personal behaviour maintains patient’s confidence in myself and the profession But also,

To provide high quality dental care on the NHS

To offer patients private alternatives if any exist that are better




All staff and professionals at Prenton Dental Practice have to carry out 50 hours every  year of post graduate study.

All staff and professionals have to possess the appropriate dental qualification

All professional staff have to attain higher qualifications than just the standard dental degree

. All dental profesional skill mixes  are avilable at Prenton Dental Practice-Dentists, hygenists, therapists and dental nurses

Practice purchased by current owners

Appointed Training Practice status

Extended Practice to 3 surgeries

Extended Practice to 4 surgeries

Regardless of  whether NHS or Private care is being provided we will do Our very best to provide high quality care.

We will provide a  safe working environment for our staff and treat them fairly at all times.





Mission Statement Patients Patients Staff About The Owners

Alan Parsonage was an an associate in Anfield, Liverpool 1985-1991

He built a “squat” practice Speke. Liverpool 1989-91

Principal Dentist, Prenton, Wirral 1991-present day

Suzanne Parsonage was an associate in Aigburth Liverpool from 1984-1993

Proncipal Dentist at PrentonDental 1993-present day with a six year gap for child rearing in the middle